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L L Langstroth the Father of American Beekeeping

Bee Concerns
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Land Mines, Bees & CCD
Africanized Honey Bee (AHB)
Diversity with 90 Years of Isolation
Putting the Hive Back in Nature's Place

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Honey Plants for Florida

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Beekeeping Supplies

Bee Commerce, 11 Lilac Lane, Weston, CT 06883, (800) 784-1911 www.bee-commerce.com

BetterBee, 8 Meader Rd, Greenwich, NY 12834, (800) 632-3379 www.betterbee.com

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, Inc., Rt. 1, Box 135, Moravian Falls, North Carolina 28654. (800) 233-7929 www.brushymountainbeefarm.com

Dadant & Sons, Inc., P. O. Box 888, High Springs, Florida 32643. (877) 832-3268 www.dadant.com

Glory Bee, 120 N. Seneca Road, PO Box 2744, Eugene, OR 97402, (800) 456-7923 www.GloryBeeFoods.com/gbf/

Mann Lake Ltd., 501 1st St. S., Hackensack, MN 56452, (800) 880-7694 www.mannlakeltd.com <

Miksa Honey Farms, 13404 Honeycomb Rd, Groveland, FL 34736, (352) 429-3447, Miksahf@aol.com  queens, queen cells and nucs

Miller Bee Supply, 11562 North NC Highway 16, Millers Creek, NC 28651, (888) 848-5184 www.millerbeesupply.com

Rossman Apiaries, Inc., P. O. Box 905, Moultrie, Georgia 31776. (800) 333-7677 www.gabees.com

Walter T. Kelley Co., Clarkson, Kentucky 42726. (270) 242-2012 www.kelleybees.com