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2011 USF Botanical Gardens Bee Workshops

USFBG first bee workshop

January introduction class

Introduction to bees

frame of brood

workers gathering pollen on a Winter day

frame of dark honey

another frame of dark honey

first time around a behive

second year beekeepers keep the hivetool in their hand

frame of light honey

practical work is part of every class

Kenyan top bar hive

Kenyan TBH comb on cover

Kenyan TBH gap in top bars

experience always follows presentation

inspecting hives together

worker with loaded pollen baskets

new beekeepers swarm around the hive

USFBG teaching apiary

Carla teaching bee biology

Students from last year teach this year

Teaching the basics

Februuary practicals hive inspections

Kenyan top bar hive still growing

Added a few bars as they build out for Spring

hive kits ready to pass out

one instructor for every table of two

new beekeepers assembling hives

one inch cypress box joints

I can see the bees now!

checking joint fit before glue and nailing

rabbet joint supers

glueing and screwing supers together

deep and medium cypress supers

box joint super puzzles

nailing rabbet supers

glue the joints before nailing

assembled rabbet joint super

use ten nails per frame

The family that frames together . . .

tight Dadant frames

Dadant frames are tight

glueing frames together

assembling migratory covers

inserting Pierco foundation after frame assembly

screened bottom boards

assembling migratory cover

assembling screened bottom boards

assembling screened bottom boards

happy beekeepers sharing hive construction

air nailers for frame assembly

air nailers speed assembly

final hive building workshop in March

queen cell on green Pierco drone frame, someone should have told the bees it is a drone frame

put the hives on new hive stands

brood in the top bar hive

This hive has already cast one swarm.

top bar hive queen

queen cell in top bar hive

start of queen cell in top bar hive

2 new beekeepers watching their new hive

hive after 6 frames removed, replaced with new frames

new bekeepers waiting anxiously

brace comb on cover of hive

brood frames checked for queen and content

brood frames checked for queen and content

nearly empty bee package

artfully painted new hive

top cover feeder

experienced helpers ready to make splits

bees and beekeepers

new beekeepers

5 frame nucs ready to transfer to new beekeepers' hives

cypress hive of package bees

queen bank with 35 queens

State inspector registering new beekeepers

helper making splits

new beekeepers waiting for bees

10 frame and 5 frame hives waiting to make splits for new beekeepers

3 lb package of bees

10 frames will be split into 2 and 3 new hives

teaching while working

anxious new beekeepers

bee coming in to land

beekeepers to be waiting

bees waiting to be adopted

brushing more bees into hive

covering the new hive

drawn comb improves acceptance

eager new beekeepers

empty queen cage

a fair hive to make splits, bees slightly crowded

finding the best frames

finding queens on frames

a frame of brood improves package acceptance and provides a 3 week head start

frames and more frames

good frame for split

hivetool in hand

just checking brood frames

new beekeepers lined up for first hive

nice frames for splits

least stressful option is place package in hive

pouring bees into hive

set up hive, pry cover off package

check and pry glued frames off cover

looking for queens

remove queen cage from package

remove syrup can

shake bees in the hive

shake more bees in

smoke entrance then smoke cover

smoking busy apiary

spray foundation with sugar to promote acceptance

spray foundation with sugar to promote acceptance

volunteers making splits

new beekeepers waiting for bees

10 day old frame of brood

5 days of honey

larvae after 5 days

brood after 10 days

drone and queen cells

emergency queen cells

queens were taken for other hives, queen cell

queen cells after making splits

short queen cells

queen cells after split

made more splits in June

98 hives were sent home with new beekeepers this year