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From birdhouse to Kenyan top bar hive

Brought birdhouse to USF week before class, set on top of TBH

USF_video 002.MPG

Preparing new home, smoke to calm, little better protection with unknown genetics and stressful move

USF_video 003.MPG

A bit too much smoke, carefully prying apart the birdhouse

USF_video 004.MPG

Cracking sound usually alerts bees, but these girls are fine!

USF_video 005.MPG

Transferring comb, two types of hive tools

USF_video 006.MPG

Bees are starting to fly to the new home, Queen is probably in new hive

USF_video 007.MPG

Good signs girls accepting new home, shaking last of bees into TBH

USF_video 001.MPG