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L L Langstroth the Father of American Beekeeping

Bee Concerns
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Land Mines, Bees & CCD
Africanized Honey Bee (AHB)
Diversity with 90 Years of Isolation
Putting the Hive Back in Nature's Place

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Pollination, Bee Friendly Garden, Bee stings, Beekeeper mentoring program,What is a beehive  USF

Beekeeping equipment and tools, Protection, Honeybee biology, Smoker practice USF

Building beehives (hammers, wood glue, hive kits) USF

Swarms, splits and package bees (bring hive for bees) USF

Beehive inspection, Diseases, Pests, Parasites USF

Florida Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Best Management Practices (BMP) USF

Queens and requeening USF

Products of the hive, Honey extraction USF

Projects and Bee College Prep USF

Fall management USF

Winter management USF

Spring management USF

Beekeeping Mentor Workshops
At the beekeeper mentoring workshops you will learn
  • Tools of the trade and the parts of a domestic hive
  • What you need to get for beekeeping and what can wait
  • How to build a hive from commercially available pieces or kits
  • How to inspect a hive for health, diseases, pests and parasites
  • How to create a new hive from a swarm, package bees or a split
  • Develop confidence working with bees
  • Develop relationships and references for successful beekeeping
Consider attending training before buying anything or ask the beekeeper@americasbeekeeper.com. more...
External Links
Florida Master Beekeeper Certificate
Africanized Honey Bee Fact Sheet ~ pdf
Africanized Honey Bee Activity Sheet (for kids)
The Africanized Honey Bee Brochure ~ pdf
Apiary Inspection English and Spanish
Florida State Beekeepers Association
Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association
Tampa Tribune - The Words and the Bees
University of South Florida Botanical Gardens
Beekeeping Basics
Tips on How to Handle Bees
Keeping Bees in Populated Areas – Tips for Suburban Beekeepers
Basic Bee Biology for Beekeepers